Katie & Gunner will be our new gift shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our shop is named after our grandma who was an entrepreneur in the ’70’s. Katie’s husband Gunner died before my sister and I were born but we learned that he was a hard working immigrant who loved the outdoors and to work with his hands.

Katie provided for herself with her small town second hand store. She would walk to and from work everyday. It was a modest shop providing her with a modest income but she was independent and her shop was a go-to place for many people in town.

My sister and I were inspired by our grandma to make a career change and open our own shop. We crave that independence – to make a living on our own, driven by our values and passions. Like Katie’s shop that sold products that lasted generations, we will source products with the mindset of BETTER, not MORE.

Our Winnipeg gift shop will offer unique products produced by artists and craftsmen, designers and artisans. The products we curate will be produced to endure the test of time and provide a lifetime of enjoyment – to bring a little beauty to your space.

While we work through the business plan for Katie & Gunner, and through our startup phase, we will keep posting our progress, our thoughts and inspirations. We hope you will join us on our journey and give us your thoughts along the way.